Poultry Farming, Coimbatore (Kovai)

Are you looking for advice on broiler & layer farming in Kovai?

Welcome to The Big Book Project…your poultry farming advisors for Coimbatore.

Why us?

Because we are a business consultancy with a difference…

…we want to make it both affordable and rewarding for anyone in Coimbatore with an idea of poultry farming start-up to get off the ground!

If this sounds like you, then we recommend you read on.

Why your market is a great place to start…

Kovai has a rich reputation in business. It’s production across the board, in particular textiles and poultry, have for a long time been lauded.

Known as the ‘Manchester Of South India‘ for its industrious market, Coimbatore currently contributes over 90% of India’s chicken meat exports.

Financial Express (Online News Portal)

Anyway, that’s enough background…no for some detail.

Are you looking to start-up a chicken farm in Coimbatore and need help?

First things first, you’re going to need a firm handle on the basics of the poultry industry.

Useful online poultry farming resources:

These resources will grant good technical understanding.

However, where The BIG BOOK Project aims to please is in sound business advice.

No matter what your business informational needs…

…our consultants are at the ready to assist you getting your poultry farm business plans on track.

So, tell us…what’s your current poultry farming query?

Want to ask some critical questions about starting a chicken farm?

Ask away!

Simply contact us here and within 24-48 hrs one of our consultants will come back to you with professional help.

The best thing about it – no cost, no fee, no obligation.

At the most…

…after answering your question…

we’ll point you in the direction of further resources which might help you grow in business.

To give you a feel for the kind of questions we can help you answer, take a look at the following poultry farming FAQs:

  • what are the most profitable breed of layer bird to get started with?
  • where can I get hold of good quality poultry farm equipment in Coimbatore?
  • how many years of running a poultry farm will it take me to break even after a loan?
  • what government subsidies for agri-startup are available to me in Coimbatore?

Want to know what we think – ask us directly.

Do you need help writing a professional poultry project report?

We have just the solution for you!

Our in-house poultry farming business consultants have developed a great tool for producing a professional report, with minimal cost.

It is a online PDF generator with automatic calculations for all of the important techno-economic metrics.

Simply put, fill out a web form with the simple details underpinning your plan and instantly receive a professionally formatted, bankable poultry farming project report by email.

Want an example project report sent to your inbox within 24-48 hrs?get in touch.

Want assistance with the latest digital marketing techniques for promoting your farm?

We have just over a decade in experience in this discipline.

Helping businesses expand their sales online is something we do very well.

Ecommerce, local SEO and of course, custom web development are just some of the skills which might benefit your commercial vision.

Contact us with a simple enquiry giving as much detail as you can about your current operation (or proposed farm) and we will offer the most appropriate solution.

Again, no cost. No obligation.

Are you a supplier wanting to reach poultry farmers in Coimbatore?

Let us know how we can help.

We want to assist you in connecting with farmers best suited for becoming users of your products or services.

Are you a hatchery looking to increase your new business uptake?

Are you an equipment manufacturer looking for more RFQs?

Share your marketing goals with us and we’ll do our best to help.

And finally…

If you are thinking about getting started with poultry, looking for financial assistance – take a look at this project report guide.

It’s a step by step tutorial with examples available for what you need to know and communicate to produce a soundly written plan.

That’s all for now…thanks for reading.

We hope to be of assistance to your poultry plans.

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