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Techno Economic Metrics of Layer Poultry Farming 5,000 Bird Project Report

Location Any Country!
Currency Any Currency!
Layer Capacity 5,000 Layers
Min. Floor Space 10,000 Deep Litter
Cost Of Construction Add you building quote details
Batch Size (Day Old Chicks) 5,000
Bird Mortality Rate If 5% (250 Birds Per 5,000)
Layer Rearing System 1+2 / 1+3 / 1+1+5
No. Of Batches Reared Per Year (Ave.) Depends on rearing system
No. Of Brooder Houses (0-8 Week Old Birds) 1 brooder house if choose 1+1+5, otherwise none
No. Of Grower Houses (9-20 Week Old Birds) 1 grower house if choose 1+1+5, otherwise none
No. Of Brooder Cum Grower Houses (0-20 Week Old Birds) 1 brooder cum grower house if choose 1+2 or 1+3, otherwise none
No. Of Layer Houses (21-72 Week Old Birds) 2 layer houses if 1+2, 3 layer houses if 1+3 or 5 layer houses if 1+1+5
Total Production Span Of Layer Bird 72 Weeks
No. Of Weeks Each Bird Lays Eggs 52 Weeks
Age When Birds Are Culled (Spent) 72 Weeks
Typical Price Per Egg Change this as you wish
Feed Consumed Per Bird Per day 100g Per Day
Cost Of Feed Per KG Input your feed prices
Price Per Spent Hen Input your spent hen prices
Weight Of Spent Hen Your choice
Manure Produced Per Bird/Per Day (lbs.) 0.07 lbs.

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