Poultry Farm Business Plan: Business Charter/Summary (With Examples)

Poultry Farm Business Charter – Authorisation


This charter formally declares the author’s (Joshua Santos) intention to develop and implement a new poultry farm in Leyte, Philippines for the production of free range eggs and broiler meat.

A complete project/business plan has been developed and submitted enclosed within, as authorised by Joshua Santos and his Executive Team.

This poultry business plan will include:

…as well as project control.

All resources will be assigned to and managed by the primary project sponsor, Joshua Santos, Owner of Pristine Poultry Community Farm.

Poultry Farm Business Charter – Project scope


The purpose of the poultry farm business project is to improve the quality and general availability of free range eggs in the region of Pretoria.

This project by scale and volume of output would suffice the needs gap for egg production within the region.

The eggs shall be delivered to both local hospitality institutes and households, by a delivery round van.

Eggs will arrive on the doorstep of customers according to orders which will be made online via the eCommerce website.

The objective of the poultry farm is to produce the necessary output to plug in the gap.

High level risks for this project include: flock sickness and disease break out.

Success will be determined by the business owner once the system is implemented .

Poultry Farm Business Charter – Milestones


“Feb 1, 2019 – Project Plan Complete and Authored By Primary Sponsor
Mar 31, 2019 – On-Site Infrastructural Development Completed
May 31, 2019 – Building Poultry Housing Completed
June 30, 2019 – Buying Equipment Completed
July 31, 2019 – Hiring Staff Completed
Sept 30, 2019 – Promotion & Sales Meetings Completed
Oct 15, 2019 – 1st Batch of Chicks Arrive Completion”

Poultry Farm Business Charter – Project budget


“The budget for this broiler farming business is Rs. 1,200,000. As the business owner and primary sponsor of the project, I will be making a personal investment contribution of Rs. 250,000″

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