Australian Langshan

Australian Langshan Intro #

Australian Langshan is a full feathered large fowl chicken with black/metallic-green plumage.

It is tall, with long legs, forages well and can fly over high fences.

They are also fast-growing and can be reared on all soil types, but well-drained.

It is a dual-purpose breed, performing well in body growth (weight), with hens known for laying around 250 eggs per year.

The Australian Langshan is closely related to Croad Langshan and is commonly known as the Black Langshan.

Langshans were originally imported from China into 1849 to Britain by Major A.C. Croad. He sourced the bird from China’s Langshan district (100 miles from Shanghai), north of Yangtszekiang River.

Australian Langshan Videos #

“Langshan (Large Fowl)” by OSU Extension Professionals #

“Hen and Cock Croad Langshan” by MelEngElis #

Australian Langshan FAQs #

When was Australian Langshan 1st recognised as an official breed? #

Australian Langshan achieved inclusion within the US standard in 1893.

How does Australian Langshan behave under hot or cold conditions? #

It generally tolerates heat and cold quite well – so is a favourite for use amongst hobbyists.

How many eggs does Australian Langshan lay on average, in a year? #

It is estimated that the Australian Langshan hen can lay approximately 250 eggs per year.

Are there any other varieties of Langshan? #

Other varieties of the Langhan chicken include: Croad Langshan, Cochin, German Langshan and Modern Langshan.

How heavy is an adult Australian Langshan? #

Australian Langshan cocks can reach 4.1kg and hens 3.2kg in weight.

Is Australian Langshan generally considered primarily a meat of egg-laying chicken breed? #

It’s a dual-purpose chicken – it reaches a decent weight for a meat birds, plus lays eggs at a profitable rate.

Can you raise the Australian Langshan as a free-range chicken? #

Yes, the Australian Langshan likes to graze and will tolerate the cold, mainly because of its size.

What quality of egg does an Australian Langshan lay? #

They produce large brown / pinkish colour eggs.

Where is the Australian Langshan commonly found today? #

Today, Australian Langshan chicken are found typically in Great Britain, North American and Australia.

How does an Australian Langshan behave? #

They are easy to handle, swiftly tamed and domesticated. Obedient in nature – though lively.

What does the meat of Australian Langshan taste? #

The meat is strong and full flavoured.

When does Australian Langshan start laying eggs? #

Pullets begin laying at around 6-7 months (so relatively late).

Australian Langshan Photos #

Australian Langshan Close Up Photo

Australian Langshan Plumage

Australian Langshan Breast

Australian Langshan Legs

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