Australorp Intro #

Australorp is the honourary national chicken breed of Australia, which is its country of origin.

The black iridescent feathers of Austrlorp and red wattle make it instantly identifiable.

The Australorp hen is known as a prolific layer, producing typically 250 eggs per year in a backyard setting.

Here are some videos to get a good view of Australorp:

Australorp Videos #

“Egg Machine – Perfect for Beginners” by Agriculture Academy #


“Our Favourite Chicken Breed, The Australorp” – Cali Cluckers #

Australorp FAQs #

When was Australorp 1st recognised as an official breed? #

Official recognition of the Australorp dates back to the early 1900s in Australia

Which breeds of chicken were crossbred to make the Australorp? #

Australorp is a cross between Orpington, Rhode Island Red and White Leghorn.

How does Australorp behave under hot or cold conditions? #

It’s robust and can tolerate both cold and hot conditions.

How many eggs does Australorp lay on average, in a year? #

On record, the highest output of eggs by an Australorp hen is 364 eggs in 365 days.

Although, on average it is rated to produce 250 eggs per hen, per year in a backyard set-up.

And 300 eggs on a commercial farm.

Are there any other varieties of Australorp? #

Australorp is typically black-feathered, but there is a rare grey variety.

How heavy is an adult Australorp? #

Australorp hens don’t exceed 3.5 kg, and roosters 5 kg.

(There are miniature Bantam Australorps which are about 1/5th of the size. It is difficult to tell which is which as chicks. So, it’s important when you buy the chicks to confirm what type you are buying.)

Is Australorp generally considered primarily a meat of egg-laying chicken breed? #

It’s known as a dual-purpose chicken.

Because of its prolific egg-laying ability and its large size.

How do you protect the Australorp against the cold? #

A well-insulated shelter is key.

But in particularly cold conditions, apply some petroleum jelly to the rooster’s wattle to prevent frostbite.

Should you supplement feed when the hens are moulting? #

It’s advised to add an extra protein source to feed when Australorp hens are moulting to replace any losses.

Do Austrlorp hens need nesting boxes to lay? #

You should provide a 30cm by 30 cm nestin box per Australorp hen.

What is the general temperament of the Australorp chicken? #

Australorp hens are tame and roosters loud but not aggressive.

The hens are not particularly broody, but they are attentive mothers.

How long will an Australorp chicken live for? #

The Australorp has a life span of 8 years.

Australorp Photos #

Australorp foraging

Australian Black Orpington

Grey Australorps

Australorp Red Wattle

Australorps brooding

Australorp pullet

Australorp hen

Australorp flock

Australorps in shed

Australorp chicks

Australorps on straw #

Australorp point of lay is 16 weeksReferences: #




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