Bigha To Acre: Conversion Tool For Land Measurement

Are you looking for a reliable bigha acre conversion rate or calculation tool?

What is the Bigha? #

Bigha Acre Assam, India
Bigha is a culturally derived unit of area measurement for land, commonly used across much of South Asia.

Why does the official size of Bigha vary by region? #

As diverse as cultures go, even within the same geographical region or landmass, so are the associated characteristics, whether:

  • language/dialect
  • clothing
  • food

…& of course, unit measurements of land…

…typically used for the purpose of buying and selling between neighbours.

Which areas tend to still use Bigha for land measurement? #

The measurement is adopted widely, particularly in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and even Fiji for measuring the area of land.

Again, because of the cultural roots of the measurement, it’s exact equivalent measurements vary greatly from place to place.

There simply is not a universally defined equivalent metric standard across all regions of use.

Thus each region, has their own custom versions of equivalent.

For what purposes is Bigha typically used today? #

Although having distant historical use and application – it is still used even in this current day for the purpose of land transactions.

Thus, many a realtor and governmental department keep public records on metric conversion regarding the Bigha.

Whilst many residents from regions still culturally use Bigha as a practical means of denoting land measurement in real estate transactions, it’s exact equivalents are not so keenly understood.

Hence the need for some help.

Here’s the help you need to get the numbers you need… #

For example, want to know…”what is 1 Bigha in acres?

Look no further…

Make good use of our calculator below.


Bigha Acre Online Calculator #

Answers By Region #

Currently featuring: Bangladesh, Nepal, Fiji, India (Assam, Central India, Gujarat, Harayana, Himachal Pradesh, Patna, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, West Bengal)

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