Biosecurity In Poultry

What is Biosecurity in Poultry? #

Biosecurity is the practical discipline of poultry farm operational management in preventing disease among flocks.

Carefully planned routines of:

  • containment
  • cleaning

…primarily are the defensive means for blocking out the threat of sickness or harm befalling the birds.

Microorganisms, like bacteria, fungi and viruses are responsible for producing disease.

So, biosecurity planning provides practical methods for reducing:

  • transmission or contamination i.e. spread of these micro-scale disease promoters.

Factors affecting biosecurity #

Securing poultry houses against the invasion of wild animals such as rodents for example plays a big part in biosecurity.

However, wild animals are not the only carriers of potentially deadly microorganisms on a poultry farm site.

A major factor in disease transmission is people.

Staff and visitors.

Our shoes and clothing, in particular, are common vehicles for carrying mould spores, bacteria etc.

Cross-contamination between flocks is a usual suspect for outbreak on-site.

On a national and global scale, widespread cases of Avian Influenza, or bird flu have has been known to result from (seemingly innocuous causes such as):

  • infective faeces contamination from wild birds
  • introduction by truck drivers, caretakers and farm workers
  • drinker or feeder equipment between flocks

Resources on Biosecurity in Poultry Farms #

Poultry Farm Cleaning #

I recently put together searched online for a comprehensive guide to cleaning a poultry house.

The kind of instruction that anyone could begin trying like NOW.

Whilst I found many theoretical pieces,

I couldn’t find something that really had a hands-on appeal.

So, I decided to design a neat actionable guide myself.

Here it is:

The Ultimate Gameplan for Poultry Farm Cleaning

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