Broiler Meat Production Chain

What is the broiler meat production chain? #

The broiler meat production chain is the industrial chain of events that takes the broiler chicken from generation to meat.

There are multiple parties involved in this chain.

Each on assisting the process of converting livestock into food produce.

Why is the broiler meat production chain important? #

Capacity to exercise management oversight by participants is greatly helped by visualising the chain.

In other words,

By looking closely at what happens to broiler chicken from start to finish,

You get a deeper understanding of why and how we get the results we get with chicken meat.

This betters your performance of operational practices – improving the quality and quantity of product.

Example #

Broiler Meat Production Chain

Best practices #

Interview participants #

Why not interview the other participants within the broiler production chain?

This way you glean the most granular nuances.

Little tips and hints which steer you in a more profitable direction as a broiler farmer.

You’d be surprised by how much you learn from talking to your upstream value contributors.

Memorise #

Commit the whole process to memory.

Practice jotting the chain of events down on a blank sheet.

This will help ingrain the journey which broilers stock take and the tipping points for success.

Once it’s in your mind, you’ll be overbrimming with ideas for achieving better end results.

Checklist KSFs #

Make a checklist of your broiler farming key success factors including:

  • pre-farm factors
  • post-farm factors

Understand in minute detail how interacting with partners before and after you input affects quality of product.

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