What is a Brooder House?

A brooder house is a poultry house that is especially prepared and equipped for comfortably rearing chicks from 1 day old until 6 weeks old.

A brooder house ought to offer about 0.5 sq. ft. per chick in allocated floor space.

Here is the photo of an example colony-style brooder:

Colony Brooder House Photo

This is a front-elevation architectural diagram and design of the same colony brooder house:
Front Elevation of A Colony Brooder House

This same colony-style brooder house measuring 10′ x 14′ (feet) can house 300 chicks comfortably.

Here is a schedule of material for building this colony brooder house:
List of materials for a colony style brooder house


Brooder houses play a vital role in the ROI-influencing brooder management process.

According to Dr. Scott Gillingham, Canada-based poultry veterinarian for Aviagen says of the perfect brooder set-up:

We are the mother hen

Therefore, we are to provide:

  • comfort
  • warmth
  • feed
  • water
  • shelter
  • protection
  • cushioning
  • continual care and service
  • oversight
  • adjustment
  • encouragement
  • teaching
  • nursing

(Quite a duty and responsibility, isn’t it?)

Scott goes on to share the chicks are unable to thermoregulate:

Chicks cant thermoregulate

They need continual access to clean water:

Get drinker adjusted to the right height for the chicks

Need monitoring that they are eating ample feed (and nothing else):

Crop fill an important tool

Have enough ventilation:

Climate Recommendations

Have equipment adjusted to meet their needs which are continually and RAPIDLY changing:

Adjust brooder equipment every 2 hours


Plus the stockman has got to be given sufficient room in the brooder to get the BEST feel for how your precious ‘ROI-profit centres‘ a.k.a. your chicks are doing:

Are your chicks feet cold to you

If your brooder house does all of this, then your rearing mortality rate will be optimally low:

Normal 7 day chick mortality distribution pattern

And there will be smiles all-round…

Scott is smiling and glad

And most of all, you’ll be thankful for every one of those chicks:

It is a gift, it is a living creature

So, get your brooder house plans up to scratch today.

Plan well and execute carefully.

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