Choosing what format you want your project report?

PDF or No PDF? #

This in the first step in the Business and Agency versions of the software ONLY…

(the starter version has no option for premium PDF publishing. Reports in this package are provided in tabulated format only).

On this page – you are requested to choose whether you want a PDF output or not.

[There are no performance differences in the proposal detail between the two options of PDF or No PDF.]

This step merely gives you the option of receiving your end report in a premium PDF format, or not.

Screenshot of screen: #

Actions: #

  1. Simply click on the appropriate radio button.
  2. Then, click on the next button.

Example image of resulting premium PDF version: #

This is an example of premium PDF version. This is what to expect to receive by email should you you choose ‘With PDF’ (it’s a fully downloadable, custom PDF document with all your details auto-calculated):

Example image of No PDF version: #

The following is a tabulated version of your project report (this is what you can expect by email if you select the No PDF option – actually either way you still get this version):


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