What Is Finisher Chicken Feed?

Finisher chicken feed is a particularly energy-rich blend of chicken feed ingredients fed to broiler meat birds from 25 days old until a marketable age (~45 days old).

Compared with the physical demand of, say, a day old broiler chick,

How does a finisher bird’s nutritional demand compare to a chick’s? #

A finisher bird (25 days and older) has a higher energy requirement. As you can imagine, there’s more weight to carry around and a larger engine to fuel.

But on the flip side, a day old bird has a higher protein demand than a finisher bird.

Thinking things through, of course, this must be right.

Because a chick’s body is growing at a FAR more rapid rate than a finisher. An so, protein (the body’s raw input for building muscular tissue amongst many other biochemical uses) will be in greater demand with chicks compared with finishers.

Finisher feed nutritional specifications #

Let’s take a look below at the official nutritional specification for Arbor Acre Broiler feeds:

Finisher Chicken Feed Nutritional Content

(Source: Arbor Acres – Broiler Nutrition Specs)

This easily answers our question above about the protein and energy demand of starters vs. finishers.

Finisher chicken feed contains about 67.7% more kcal than day-old chick starter feed.

But starter feed contains about 15.2% more crude protein than finisher feed.

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