Hen-day vs. Hen housed Egg Production

What is hen-day egg production (HDEP)? #

Hen-day egg production is an important layer farming production metric, which accounts for the percentage of hens that are in lay at any particular time.

HDEP - Hen Day Egg Production
Hen Day Egg Production Formula courtesy of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi

[Note: The resulting percentage is adjusted for mortality i.e. excluding the number of hens that have died since the adoption of the batch.]

What is hen-housed egg production (HHEP)? #

Hen-housed egg production by comparison, is the same percentage – but not adjusted for mortality.

Hen-Housed Egg Production
Hen-Housed Egg Production Formula courtesy of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi

Hen-day vs. hen-housed egg production #

Benchmarking HHEP against HDEP will highlight outcomes resulting either from:

  • any discrepancy between the original batch size vs. current batch size

Where batch size is identical in both instances, the HHEP vs. HDEP metrics will also match.

What does the difference between hen-day and hen-housed egg production tell us? #

Proportionally, the comparison between the two indicators will uncover any potential change in laying productivity within your flock.

Let take this simple example:

  • The original batch size of layer on adoption from the hatchery was: 10,000 layers
  • You have 100 layers die between arrive on day one and peak laying in week 25
  • Your target hen-day egg production is 95%
  • Upon assessment, your actual hen-day egg production on a given day in week 25 is 92% (9,108/9,900)
    • …same period hen-housed egg production is 91.08% (9,108/10,000)

Your hen-housed egg production figure vs. your hen-day egg production comparison indicates a short falling of 4% below target.

The variables related to egg production inc. environmental factors (heating, lighting, ventilation), feeding (feed type), health (disease), exercise etc. are examined to discover a potential reason for under production.

Your investigation indicates marginal shortfall could be due to a new feed supply adopted by the farm recently.

Close inspection and follow-up on feed quality and bird feeding habits are undertaken and monitoring is done.

You will benchmark future HDEP calculations against the findings of week 25.

The details above cover the topic of hen-day and hen-housed egg production for layer farming and can be applied to farms of all sizes and locations.

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