What’s a ‘Normal’ Broiler Farming Mortality Rate?

Normal broiler farming mortality rate in U.S. (2019) #

According to the National Chicken Council U.S. in their U.S. Broiler Performance report, participants in the survey (whose broiler production accounts for 95% of the total US broiler output) achieved a broiler farming mortality rate of 5% in 2019.

How does this broiler farming mortality rate compare historically? #

This is a far cry from what things were like almost 100 years ago in 1925, when the figure was over 2 times as much (18%).

The cause for the large difference is arguable. I suppose we’ll never really know, nor does it really matter.

The key is to practice sound broiler farming stockmanship and rearing techniques.

This, in turn, will achieve and help to maintain a ‘normal’ broiler mortality rate.

Now, over to you… #

Are you having a poor experience with your broiler mortality rate?

Or, is your broiler survival rate considerably better than quoted?

Either way, I’m interested to hear from you.

Let me know about your poultry project.

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