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How To Estimate Bird Space Allocation For Your Broiler Project Report

Here we estimate the overall space allocation per bird for your broiler farm.

Using the best practice FAO guidelines for a semi-intensive farm set-up this page helps you automatically calibrate the necessary space requirement.

Here’s how I recommend doing this using Poultry Project Reporter 2.0 software:

  1. The rearing system selected from the previous page is carried over onto this page – but for the sake of flexibility, you can still change (overwrite) this selection by using the neat drop down box.
  2. Remembering the gearing of your production model, type in the number of birds you will have in each batch
  3. Type in your expected flock mortality percentage
  4. In red, you’ll see the number of simultaneously reared flocks within your chosen rearing model
  5. Auto-calculated is your farm’s overall production capacity when all batches are being reared simultaneously
  6. Select your preferred confinement strategy – deep litter, or caged
  7. Auto-populated is the number of poultry houses required for running your chosen production model
  8. In red, you’ll see the best practice space allocation per bird as advised by FAO guidelines
  9. Auto-calculated are numbers representing the overall floor space of your entire farm (all broiler houses), also you get a figure broken down per broiler house

Next, we’ll convert that floor space allocation into total land space required for the farm and all its on-site operational functions.

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