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How To Make A Broiler Project Report Cover Page

This is the opening task of producing your broiler project report using the Poultry Project Reporter 2.0

In this simple tutorial, I will show you just how easily it is done.

Within a few clicks, we are able to produce a branded full colour front page in PDF format.

The software works by simply filling-in-the-blanks.

Here’s how it’s done…

  1. Read the instructions.
  2. Type in the name of the author
  3. Type the proposed broiler farm name
  4. Upload the logo of the broiler farm
  5. Type in your currency and its preferred abbreviation
  6.  Type in your email address (this is where your PDF will go on completion of the form)
  7. Type in your telephone number
  8. Type in your website address
  9. Click submit
  10. Wait until the screen transitions to the next stage
  11. Visit your email inbox to pick up the PDF of your cover page (*remember, the PDF will be delivered to the email address the you submitted in step 6 above)

In just a minute – your cover page is done.

Now, let’s move on to writing out your cover letter.

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