Sample Project Charter for Poultry Farm

Gaining partner approval for poultry farm expansion

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Time to read:

10 minutes

Suitable for:

Any country, but framed in Zimbabwe

Ideal for:

Existing broiler farmer with business partner or broiler farm business with management team.

Poultry farm project management problem #1:

Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe is home to Didcot Farm.

In support of Zimbabwe’s Presidential mandate to increase agricultural production, parent company Maliro Group of Companies aims to increase poultry output at Didcot Farm:

“We fully support President Mnangagwa’s vision to increase agricultural production, create jobs and help the country to attain its vision 2030 agenda to become a middle income economy.”

(Source: Herald)

Seeking the commissioned financial investment of parent company Maliro Group of Companies (MGC), Didcot Farm plans to secure board approval for the expansion.

Maliro Group of Companies, Managing Director, Edwin Chinyandura is the budget holder and decision maker and seeks an outline proposal for the project.

  • Zimbabwe’s poultry meat output was estimated to have increased to 156,078 tonnes in 2021
  • Plan is to build four more broiler house complexes each holding 120,000
  • Project is to vastly improve infrastructure: includes digging a borehole and building new access road and should gain local governmental support

The project is yet unapproved by stakeholders. Well outlined project documentation will be required for a successful investment pitch.

Meet Clarence

The Managing Director of Didcot Farm is Clarence Mpofu.

What he needs

Clarence and his management team have been tasked by their parent company with coming up with the proposal to with approval for the project.

How you can help

Clarence appoints you as management executive to use Prince2 project management methodology for guiding the planning and proposal process.

Having never used Prince2 methodology, although appreciating its 1st class reputation as a framework for managing projects – you get researching.

You find some recommendations indicating that using Prince2, you should begin the process by writing a project charter. Through this document, you hope to gain stakeholder approval.

How do you go about writing a project charter?

Topics covered in this exercise

  • What is a project charter (and why you should use one)
  • Importance of using a project charter to win approval
  • Structure of a successful project charter
  • Difference between a project charter, project plan and business case
  • Project charter template

Additional information

Overview of a project charter

(Fig. 1)

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