Can You Recommend A Polytunnels Rental Company In Gauteng, South Africa?

Having read the following article in this Farmer’s Weekly (South Africa): Small land, big dreams for urban veggie farmer – we see a genuine need for a poly tunnel rental company in Gauteng, South Africa.

Are you a poly tunnel rental contractor in Gauteng, South Africa?

The advantages of poly tunnels seem to be clear and certain as for this small scale farmer from Kempton Park in Gauteng:

“Though his makeshift tunnels do the job, he says he would consider leasing tunnels or the structures for tunnels in the future, as larger tunnels would be easier to work in and allow him to work standing up.”


Many a bootstrap, start-up micro-farmer is forced for budget sake to make-do…with a make shift tunnel…

But it begs the question:

Are there any cost effective poly tunnel leasing services out there in Gauteng?…

Or perhaps, Johannesburg?

Or Pretoria even?

If so…why not share your recommendation.

Clement Tshuma, the focus in the Farmer’s Weekly interview, could do with one!

If you are have any details to share on this subject – feel free and go ahead…

We’ll give you a few pointers on what might be relevant to prospective customers:

Useful details for poly tunnel rentals in Gauteng, South Africa?

The following will help any Gauteng locals get a gauge of what’s on offer with your tunnels:

  • delivery scope
  • awning material
  • dimension available
  • lead time for deliver
  • price list
  • payment methods
  • erection services
  • length of hire (restrictions)
  • brands

These are just a few pointers…but if you have any further information which you feel will be relevant…

Got photos of some structures you feel need a showcase?

Upload them.

Join the conversation below.

Are you a local producer looking to preserve your tender-leaved produce against the harsh winter frosts?

Why don’t you submit a quick enquiry below, sharing your exact requirements…

If a resident expert in your area doesn’t respond with an answer on this page, then we’ll do the leg work for you and chase up a response.

The Big Book Project Team

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