Do You Have Kadaknath Chicks For Sale In Cuttack, Odisha?

I have a contact in the Cuttack, Odisha (Mr. K) who is looking for a Kadaknath day old chick supplier.

He has searched via Twitter and sought to after State officials to point him in the right direction, but still awaits help.

If you can recommend any reliable suppliers of the Kadaknath bird in Odisha State – we will pass on the details of your supplier to him.

He is very keen.

Why is he interested in Kadaknath day old chicks?

He’s just starting a poultry farm and therefore the quantities he has in mind are small enough, but like with many small scale ‘would-be’ producers – he has growth potential.

So…what does he need from your Odisha based breeder/hatchery?

  • a direct contact for the suppliers (Whatsapp or email)
  • list prices according to volume of birds purchased
  • delivery quote to bring birds to his premises

As the demand for Kadaknath meat increases now in the mainstream, our contact want to make sure he make timely contact to buy his day old chicks.

If you can support him in training also in how to grow them successfully, he will greatly appreciate it.

Because the trend of eating Kadaknath is increasing every day, Kadaknath hatcheries will grow in demand.

Are you a breeder of Kadaknath chicks in Odisha?

If you are a Kadaknath supplier and would like to receive more enquiries – like these, feel free to leave and answer to this question below.

Anyone seeing your answer to this enquiry, will most likely get directly in contact with you.

Please state in your response if you are local to Odisha or if you are India wide operators.

We’d appreciate it if you could also share the following knowledge on the Kadanath bird…

Statistics on liveability / flock mortality rate will also be useful.

Also what is their feed consumption like? Roughly how many bags of feed (please mentioning which type of feed) they typically go through in a:

  • day
  • week

Also, how do they respond to local varieties of feed?

We’re looking to well inform our contact, not only with the information he requested about the birds…

But also enough that he can clearly plan his poultry project with reliable data.

Thank you, for reading and considering our request.

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