What’s the Best Agribusiness Accounting Software?

Agribusiness Accounting Software Email Question


Answer: MS Excel is a great all-round solution (but a more EXACT, best-fit software solution – read on…)

Here’s a question I received from a reader of my: Agri Accounting & Bookkeeping newsletter…

Agribusiness Accounting Software Email Question

Question: “Thanks for your email, can’t be grateful enough. I am already seeing like never before. Kindly direct me to some accounting software worth investigating in please. – Bernard”


Hello Bernard,

As for recommended bookkeeping software – my firm favourite is MS Excel.


Programmable – you can make it do what you want and how you want.

[Often with SaaS products which present off-the-shelf solution, you have to compromise control. This leaves you doing the software a service, rather than it serving you. With Excel, you push back these constraints.]

Customizable – so many built-in features enable you to visualise the front end EXACTLY how you want it.

This helps you hit the mark instantly with showing interpretation. Brilliant for stakeholder management & reporting.

Economic – for a small investment = massive long term returns, on so many fronts – not only bookkeeping but:

  • inventory record keeping
  • contacts management
  • accounting & reporting
  • marketing & sales analysis etc. etc. etc.

Any drawbacks?

Developing your own templates and frameworks which really help you lift the burden.

  • If you are not already a Microsoft MVP (or willing to pay one) – you can only go so far and then … a roadblock.

Presentation is not always user-friendly

  • Printing off a branded PDF version of your Excel analysis is not always easy

Also, web integration – having your software talk together over the web.

  • For example, you might want:
    • a bookkeeping entry to tie up with your accountant’s software,
    • message you and your team when certain events occur and
    • update a CRM entry related to a client agreement.
  • …with MS Excel this is ‘possible’ BUT with a heavy development overhead.

* This is why I have decided to build an in-house bookkeeping software solution.
I’m still working on it.

But it is designed & developed to be web-friendly, highly configurable and suited to give a best-fit outcome for poultry farming enterprises.

I’ll build in the kind of metrics you read in the mails – to save you from having to program complex calculations & equations.

Plus, I’ll make it presentation rich.

With the ability to talk with other business software easily.

When I have something ready to show you – would you welcome an invitation?

In the meanwhile, I have more posts and emails in the pipeline to help your project.

Keep me posted on your progress.

Speak soon,

Temi – The Big Book Project (Agribusiness Strategies & Training – ‘To Start and Grow’)

Some spreadsheet programming help

Looking to use MS excel for your agribusiness accounting – but don’t have the confidence?

Chandoo’s just what (who) you need: https://chandoo.org/wp/ – outstanding beginner tutorials, dive right in!

Prefer to use Google sheets – but want to know how it compares?

Ben will help you get up to speed – FAST: https://www.benlcollins.com/

Now, over to you…

Are you in need of getting a little (or A LOT)  of help with agribusiness accounting & reporting?

Have you found your ideal agribusiness accounting software (not mentioned above)?

Either way, let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

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