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Philippines: Poultry Farming Industry Stats (Updated for 2021)

Philippines Poultry Farming

It’s official…poultry farming in The Philippines has officially taken first place as┬áthe fastest-growing meat production sector (+3.3% Q1 2020). Here are the top poultry farming stats. Including production volumes, farmgate prices, livestock inventory per head, type of chicken breakdown and more. Let’s jump right in… Chicken meat production 01. In Q3 (July-September) 2020 the total […]

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Poultry Farming Business Plan: The Definitive Guide (Inc. PDF)

Now with accurate input costs and feasible sales prices to hand, – some simple scenario planning. Take this Best Case vs. Worst Case profit projection, for example… [This example is crop-based, but the principle easily applies to poultry farming.] Use analysis tools like the one above to stay ahead of the profit curve. A kind […]

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