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Do You Have Kadaknath Chicks For Sale In Cuttack, Odisha?

I have a contact in the Cuttack, Odisha (Mr. K) who is looking for a Kadaknath day old chick supplier. He has searched via Twitter and sought to after State officials to point him in the right direction, but still awaits help. If you can recommend any reliable suppliers of the Kadaknath bird in Odisha State – […]

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Is Water Delivery In Gauteng A Profitable Solution For Irrigating Crops?

Whilst producing a feasibility study for one of our recent agri start-up projects – we arrived at the question: “Is water delivery in Gauteng a profitable solution for irrigating crops?” This is the scenario… Our client is renting approximately 1 hectare of land that he is now intending to use for small scale commercial farming in […]

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What’s The Best Pen For 1000 Bird Poultry Farm? (Pictures needed)

“What’s The Best Pen For 1000 Bird Poultry Farm? (Pictures needed)”   Dear Tosin, Small scale poultry housing for 1,000 birds is great question to ask! There are just so many options… Many a ‘would-be’ small scale poultry farmer worldwide have launch ambitions of the ‘1 kilo (1,000) bird plan’. It’s a common ‘kick-off’ flock […]

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Can You Recommend A Polytunnels Rental Company In Gauteng, South Africa?

Having read the following article in this Farmer’s Weekly (South Africa): Small land, big dreams for urban veggie farmer – we see a genuine need for a poly tunnel rental company in Gauteng, South Africa. Are you a poly tunnel rental contractor in Gauteng, South Africa? The advantages of poly tunnels seem to be clear and […]

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Is It Possible To Start Small Scale Farming (Without Loan) Capital In Gauteng, South Africa?

The short answer is: Yes – small scale farming in Gauteng can indeed be a profitable venture! Want to hear the best part? You don’t even need a loan or government subsidy… Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself… Meet Clement Tshuma!…Vegetable Producer in Kempton Park in Gauteng “When I started, I felt I […]

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1 Bigha in UP (Uttar Pradesh): What Are The Equivalents?

“1 bigha in UP…what are the equivalents, please? A calculator would be great even. Thanks” The questions needs some qualification, largely because of the diversity of Uttar Pradesh State. Uttar Pradesh, officially the ‘most populous country subdivision in the world‘ has a variety of cultural Bigha land measurement interpretations… District to district. The following is […]

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