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Do House Sprinklers Cool Poultry Flocks In Extreme Heat?

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Unit description…

Learn how to make a confident investment decision concerning a poultry house sprinkler system & understand the key performance factors.

Most of us know that chicken don’t sweat. They regulate their body temperature by other behavioural traits including panting, stretching (to increase their surface area for heat loss) and visiting the drinker.

Industry for some time now has purported the concept of therefore sprinkling your poultry flocks with cool water during exceptionally hot weather will relieve them.

A kind of artificial sweat, if you like – achieving the same result. But what would scientific research say about this method? Does it work in practice? Also, are there more optimal ways of cooling flocks?

Do House Sprinklers Cool Poultry Flocks In Extreme Heat? will help you visualise:

  • the practical factors affecting your birds’ body temperature the most
  • how sprinklers (if at all) will improve flock comfort during extreme heat
  • how to use sprinklers ‘unconventionally’ to cool flocks best

Do House Sprinklers Cool Poultry Flocks In Extreme Heat? (eUnit Outline)

  • Part 1: Bird Heat Dynamics
  • Part 2: Do Sprinklers Really Cool?
  • Part 3: Train Your Flock To Stand

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