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How Much Propane Does A Broiler House Use? (With Calculator)

Learn and plan how much propane gas your commercial broiler house will use per year


Propane Gas Cannisters at a Poultry Farm
Courtesy: Poultry World

Propane gas is one of the largest cost items on a broiler farming income statement.

The use of propane gas to heat broiler houses to sufficient temperature for optimal production and growth literally eats away at your profits.


If you are planning:

…getting a firm estimate on propane consumption and cost helps assess feasibility.

You certainly don’t want to underestimate such a cost that contributes major expense to your farm.

Also, having a rock solid method of accurately forecasting your propane gas usage means you’ll always be able to benchmark your actual costs against a standard.

This will help you establish better control over your costs year on year.


Case Study: How Much Propane Does A Broiler House Use? (With Calculator)

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What you’ll learn…

  • Revealed – the average consumption of a modern commercial broiler house
  • Pinpoint exactly how much your consumption add up to in volume of propane gas
  • Calculate the exact energy requirement and direct cost of propane gas per bird
  • Estimate the annual propane gas usage of your broiler farm
  • How to benchmark actual propane gas usage against standard projected usage

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The eCourse Begins Here


You’ve got a master plan to start up a medium scale commercial broiler farm in your region.

Currently, you’re tallying your running expenses and trying to arrive to the most accurate picture of what your financial overheads might be.

You’ve heard that propane gas cost is huge from a broiler farm. Even with cost savings of adopting partial house brooding vs. whole house brooding, either way, broiler farmers still use huge amounts of gas to get results.

You’re keen to put together a winning project report for your broiler farm in order to secure funding.

The task you have now is to find a reliable method for forecasting your propane gas usage.

Supporting Facts

  1. Your proposed broiler farm will be 25,000 birds.
  2. You’ve decided on an All-In-All-Out rearing system. So, in a year you’ll complete 7 rearing cycles, 6 weeks long back-to-back (with 2 weeks rest in between).
  3. Your planned farm will operate in the Republic of Ireland.
  4. You plan your broilers to be finished at 2kg live weight.

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