Free Online Poultry Farming Training Course (Short)

So, you are looking to get into poultry farming and need the MOST COMPLETE (but short) free training course?

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Unmissable ‘reasons why’ you need this free online poultry farming training course:

  • From the author of the #1 poultry farming eBook 
  • Jam-packed with lots of learning value for both beginner and advanced
  • Custom courses for both layer and broiler farming
  • 100’s of profitable agribusiness strategies for growing your poultry farm
  • TONS of 1st hand explanatory steps for unpicked tough management questions
  • 1,000s of words of top-class consultancy and growing with each revision
  • Littered with PLENTY of visual guidance for becoming more confident
  • Delivered by email for convenience – anywhere and anytime.
  • 1-to-1 unlimited tutor support for accelerating your learning
Learn Poultry Farming

Here’s a breakdown of the questions answered by this free online poultry course:

  • Where can I market my eggs?
  • How to calculate my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly earnings aside from one-off & working capital?
  • How do I come up with a comprehensive business proposal?
  • How many layers can I raise on a 2-acre plot using deep litter system?
  • What is the required equipment for poultry farming?
  • How many battery cages do I need for 5,000 hens?
  • How do I determine the number of feeders and drinkers need? 
  • How do I get investment for my poultry farm
  • How will I identify the first signs of disease?
  • What is the best breed for free-range layer?

The best part about it is the training materials are suitable for any market, any country, using any bird!

Sign-up here to enrol in this poultry farming course:

7 thoughts on “Free Online Poultry Farming Training Course (Short)

  1. Hello, I am Dr.Berhanu, a medical doctor in Ethiopia, so interested in poultry and I have a plan to involve in this area. For the dream to come true , I think, the scientific knowledge about the business and the working principles of poultry are crucial. that is why I am so interested to attend the online course or training.

  2. Hello there,i am a Cameroonian by nationality.i have been in the poultry field ever since i was born.My Grand parents had a poultry form.and they used the business to raise us and pay our school i do have a full knowledge of poultry farming.but what i want to learn is how to raise Rock chicks in two months.because back home we use to raise Broilers in three months before we can sell them.Thank you so much in anticipation of your favourable reply.

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