Free Online Poultry Farming Training Course (Short)

So, you are looking to get into poultry farming and need the MOST COMPLETE (but short) free training course?

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Unmissable ‘reasons why’ you need this free online poultry farming training course:

  • From the author of the #1 poultry farming eBook 
  • Jam-packed with lots of learning value for both beginner and advanced
  • Custom courses for both layer and broiler farming
  • 100’s of profitable agribusiness strategies for growing your poultry farm
  • TONS of 1st hand explanatory steps for unpicked tough management questions
  • 1,000s of words of top-class consultancy and growing with each revision
  • Littered with PLENTY of visual guidance for becoming more confident
  • Delivered by email for convenience – anywhere and anytime.
  • 1-to-1 unlimited tutor support for accelerating your learning
Learn Poultry Farming

Here’s a breakdown of the questions answered by this free online poultry course:

  • Where can I market my eggs?
  • How to calculate my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly earnings aside from one-off & working capital?
  • How do I come up with a comprehensive business proposal?
  • How many layers can I raise on a 2-acre plot using deep litter system?
  • What is the required equipment for poultry farming?
  • How many battery cages do I need for 5,000 hens?
  • How do I determine the number of feeders and drinkers need? 
  • How do I get investment for my poultry farm
  • How will I identify the first signs of disease?
  • What is the best breed for free-range layer?

The best part about it is the training material sare suitable for any market, any country, using any bird!

Sign-up here to enrol in this poultry farming course:

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