Poultry Farming Project: Introducing The Hub, A Free Library of Resources

Poultry Project Research Analysis

I’m DELIGHTED to announce the all-new Poultry Farming Project Hub.

What is the Poultry Farming Project Hub?

It’s a free library of 80+ resources that equips you with all you need to know about setting up a poultry farming project…

…including market research, production models, operational strategies, financial decision making and more.

You can check out the brand new Poultry Farming Project Hub right here:

This custom resource library has over 20,501 words, 200+ rows of data tables, as well as 30+ screenshots/images, sample calculations, case studies and more.

Poultry Farming Project Hub

Should I start a poultry farming project?

Every day, this website attracts enquiries from start-up entrepreneurs across the globe wanting to start up a poultry farming project.

Poultry Farming Project Subscribers

And it’s no surprise.

By 2019, global poultry farming was estimated to have reached US$ 231.5 billion, rising for the 3rd consecutive year (Source).

Consistent growth, the mountainous volume of product…

…all fueled by the climbing demand for this relatively affordable source of dietary protein.

Is it looking to slow up?

Not in the slightest.

Here’s a quote from Nan-Dirk Mulder (senior analyst, animal protein, at Rabobank,) speaking at the International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta 2019:

“Worldwide, there will be 35 percent more demand for animal protein in the next 20 years. Poultry will see the largest increase, about 2 percent, while expansion for eggs will be 1.6 percent; seafood, 1.2 percent; beef, 1.1 percent; and pork, 1 percent.”


We’re agreed – poultry farming is only on the rise.

But what is the best approach for new entrant start-ups to get involved?

You need to put together a proposal.

Then a project plan.

Then to implement.

Why write a project proposal?

Sample Poultry Project Report
Poultry farming projects are investment vehicles.

They require money, time and effort to get off the ground,

But once airborne they have the potential to REALLY take flight financially and keep your income at high altitude.

Even as a small scale backyard poultry entrepreneur you can make relatively high returns.


Because of the low maintenance nature of the rearing process with chicken in particular.

The main advantage being the space needed to raise a flock.

Even at a non-intensive level, it is recommended that each bird have only 1.93 sq. ft. of floor space.

So, with both layer and broiler farming the ROI per sq. ft. is substantial.

A very compact and economically efficient investment proposition.

So, reason would have it you need a proposal.

Here are the benefits:

  • discover the best model
  • calculate the feasibility
  • find out if you have enough capital to go-ahead
  • decide if a loan, grant, subsidy or zero-debt start-up is the best option
  • secure investors
  • schedule when the business should replace your salary
  • estimate the exit value of your poultry project

…ane much, much more!

How do you write a poultry project?

There are two ways.

  1. The long way.
  2. The short way.

The best without – the latter.

(Trust me, I’ve actually tried both.)

In January 2019, I attempted to write my own poultry project and found myself swimming up to the eyeballs in PDF, tables and samples.

Poultry Project Tables

And I could make head nor tail of the information.

The more I read,

The more confused I became.

So I decided to break it down to the bare grain.

(It took while.)


…that moment, (*lightbulb* )

“I’ve got it!”

And once I had “it”,

I was able to build the small stuff all back up again into a much bigger picture.

But this time with UNDERSTANDING.

Now, I was faced with a critical choice to make…

  • a) take what you’ve got and run for it!, or;
  • b) turn back and make it my mission to help others on their way up.

Suffice to say,

Here I am to help YOU.

I dug deep and began to research the best methods to teach beginners how to start their own poultry project.

I found the answer fell into one category =



There I had it…

I invested the following 12 months to develop an in-house reporting software that would help ANYONE across the globe:

  • learn the principles behind what makes a successful poultry farming project
  • understand the format that the professionals use
  • learn the financial investment language of proposals
  • help you find the most profitable model for you
  • instantly provide egg or meat production charts
  • automatically calculate ALL the key financials – at your fingertips

….PLUS, I designed the program to present all your project information in a premium quality PDF too!

Poultry Farming Project Proposal

Want To Write A Poultry Farming Project Like The One Above?

Then, take a look at this exclusive software offer…

The ONLY ‘do-it-yourself poultry project writer’ with auto-calculations.


In September 2020, I released it…the immediate response was GREAT.

But, what I heard loud and clear from the first wave of feedback from customers and enquirers alike was:



Here I am (again), but this time with exactly that –


Here’s what I’ve come up with like a 1.0 version (and for all those early adopters, a 2.0 waiting to come out in quick succession too!)

Introducing: The Poultry Farming Project Hub

I’ve produced a FREE learning library which is custom made to help you plan a winning poultry farming project.

Poultry Farming Project Hub

It’s a multilayered, multidisciplinary, multifaceted…collection of 1st class with 80+ resources for helping you:

  • gain confidence in planning your own project
  • get step-by-step consultation on key factors for success
  • examine EVERY small, but critical detail of proposal writing
  • understand how to make your poultry farming project ATTRACTIVE
  • compare your desk work against a gold standard

This is currently what is on offer (AND growing):

The Tutorial

This is the glue that holds the entire offering together.

In fact, it’s really a 1st class online digital eBook for gaining expert instruction in building a successful poultry project.

It comes with 7 sections:

Techno-Economic Parameters: Here’s where you’ll learn the key metrics and measurements which form the foundation for how your poultry farming project will function (in production and constraints). You’ll learn how to best align the key input and outputs of your project for optimal profitability.

Research & Development (R&D): Learn the socio-economic factors which will certainly impact your poultry farming project one way or another. You’ll learn how the softer elements of project planning add significant weighting to the overall picture of investment viability.

Model Options: I take you through the optional extras which collectively buffer the bottom line of any poultry project investment. You’ll learn the fundamentals of how to choose the most suitable poultry farm project options for matching your investment expectations.

Location Factors: Learn how great an influence location has on the success of your poultry farming project. Not just agriculturally, but also strategically. You’ll learn how to select the most advantageous situation for staging your future poultry farming successes.

Operational Strategy: Learn the key areas of focus for making the engine of your poultry farming project rev-up to maximal profitability. You’ll learn the inside track on how to gear up your project to deliver EXACTLY the kind of results you desire.

Financial Management: Here’s where you’ll learn how to keep your poultry farm’s accounting totally LEGIT and understand the treatment that finance professionals apply to the business. You’ll learn the major (and minor) terms and how to read statements.

Investment Decision Making: Learn to make financially successful investment decisions and identify (and write) the most attractive investment proposals. You’ll learn all the professional investment analysis tools, like benefit-cost, that bankers and investor use to decide who to back.

The Breakdown Samples

Everybody loves a good ol’ analytical breakdown.

You know the stuff where you chew down the detail to the bare fibre,

And absorb ALL the nutrition you could possibly have gotten.

Here, I provide 20 snippets direct from my strategy case book.

The goal?

To help you gain expert insight into ‘how-to’ do this for your own poultry farming project.

Questions which these poultry project samples answer include:

“How do I choose the number of birds I need to meet my planned production capacity?”

“How to do I write a plan to rear multiple flocks for greater profit?”

“How do I calculate exactly how much feed a flock of (x) birds will consume?”

“How much start-up capital will I need?”

“How much money could I make from selling spent hens and manure for fertiliser?”

“What will a 6-year project of income and profit look like for my poultry farming project?”

“How do I know if I should invest in this poultry farming project?”

Example Case Studies

Case studies are great for bringing theory to life.

Through them, you get a real flesh and bone feel for how ‘what you are reading’ might look like if you tried it on.

This is the reason why I produced these detailed poultry project case studies.

To kick off with – I present a 10,000 layer project:

step-by-step, line-by-line everything you would expect in a professionally written project, here it is.

In-Depth, Step-By-Step Email Course

For more meat on the bone of how it’s done,

I designed this email course for beginners and professionals alike to get an in-depth view on:

  • what different project scenarios look like
  • how changing from one production or model option to another affects investment return
  • a close-up on how much money can REALLY be made, for what upfront input
  • preparing the best models for achieving precise income targets

Here’s a snippet:

The Breakdown of Poultry Farming Projects
This excerpt is taken from “Advanced Poultry Pickup

Q&A Forum

I get emails on a daily basis from people around the world asking GREAT questions about their poultry farming project.

The problem I’ve had to date is two-fold:

  • a) not having the time to immediately answer all questions
  • b) not having a way of queuing up all my questions so I can deal with them in order (when I get round to it)


I came up with this idea…

A section of The Big Book Project website which is dedicated to:

  1. fielding your poultry farming project questions…WHATEVER they are
  2. publishing my answers online so we can ALL benefit from the discussion
  3. giving others a chance to add their measure of insight or expertise!

You can find the question form here.

And for a current thread of questions and answers – visit the Q&A discussion page.

Poultry Project Stories

And finally,

I’ve had (for some time now) a real desire to see your project ‘shout outs’ raise above the private email exchange and now get a place on this website.

Quite often,

I’m waking up to receive a really thoughtful update from someone in the early stages of their poultry farming project.

Whether great or small,

The time and enthusiasm shared for poultry farming always puts a smile on my face.

I simply want to pass on the good pleasure and well-wishing.

Want to share the story of your poultry farming project?

Get sharing here.

BONUS: Custom Sample Writing Service

Now this is a simple solution to perhaps, the MOST frequently asked question:

“Can I get a sample project plan for my country, please?”

The answer, in short, is now: YES.

I have set up a custom sample writing service for poultry farming projects.

The idea is that if my example studies, like this 10,000 layer one written in India Rupees and using approximate data is not EXACTLY what you were looking for…

…now you can get, exactly that.

A custom sample, just for your own poultry project.

What this is NOT!

Now let me be clear,

What this is NOT is a bankable investment proposal that you can go and present for a loan.

Nor is it something that I would recommend sinking any real money into.

What this IS!

This is THE way of getting your hands on a more tailored sample plan for you to examine at your desk whilst you build your actual plan.

Like a past paper with a tutor’s workings out – for a schooling example.


Would find this kind of help useful…?

Then, simply order your custom sample project today.

BONUS: The Poultry Project Reporter Software

I mentioned this software further up within this post,

But here it is again (in case) you forgot to go back to it.

It’s basically a web-based PDF fillable form that produces auto-caluclated presentations like this:

Want to produce your own professional poultry farming project proposal in under 90 minutes?

Get the software now.

What do you think?

I want to thank everyone who has visited this website and emailed me with a question or feedback, commented or just said ‘hi’ passing through.

You’ve REALLY done wonderfully in helping me put this new resource together.

And I’d really like to hear what you think about the new Poultry Farming Project Hub.

Specifically, I’d like to know:

What’s the #1 thing you want to learn about poultry farming right now?

Also, I plan on adding MUCH more helpful resources to the library in no time.

So let me know what your topic ideas or suggestions are.

13 thoughts on “Poultry Farming Project: Introducing The Hub, A Free Library of Resources

    1. Dear Sunil,

      Thank you for visiting The Big Book Project…an honour to have you drop by!

      I had a look at your UP Agriculture site – a good idea & well executed as an agribusiness advisory hub for UP (Uttar Pradesh).

      Good web design too – hope you continue growing the site and bring it to fruit.

      Yours sincerely,

      Cole @ The Big Book Project

    1. Dear M.S Bojude,

      I’m glad you found it useful.

      Writing a project plan that works takes a lot of strategic planning, which many find difficult.

      This is why we put the guide together.

      We’re working on a lot more material to support this guide to answer many of the practical steps leading up to writing a report.

      Any questions – feel free to ask.

      Thanks for taking an interest.

      Temi @ The Big Book Project

  1. I have enjoyed the marvelous and electrifying content. It answers most of the questions I have been looking out for. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hello Glen,

      Thank you for passing by.

      A quick way to get the PDF of this article is to fill in the quick form at the top of the page (in the right-hand margin).

      Just put your email address in there and you’ll receive access to the PDF version of this article…

      …PLUS, you’ll get the original layer project report example for Kerala Egg Co. (as quoted within this article with screenshots).

      Hope you find this useful in developing your future poultry plans.

      Keep me posted on your progress.

      Temi @ The Big Book Project

  2. I am kule Colonel from western Uganda i have love your teachings on keeping birds.
    And i need help so that i increase my poultry farming business.

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