Executive Summary for a Poultry Farm (Sample Business Plan)

[The following is a sample executive summary for a poultry farm.]



This business case outlines how the Practical Poultry Ltd. will address current market concerns felt by consumers and hospitality vendors in Maharashtra, plus produce the benefits, recommendations and justification of the project.

The business case also discusses detailed business goals, performance indicators, assumptions, constraints, and alternative options available.”

Issue (external)


…unmet demand for eggs in the state of Maharashtra, especially in rural pockets. A study done by the Government of Maharashtra found that the state faces 1.5 crore eggs supply deficit on a daily basis.

Anticipated outcomes


“…by enabling households to gain access to affordable nutritional protein, and also providing employment opportunities for rural based workers throughout the year…this will significantly lift the standard of living for the more marginalised and needy members of society.



“This poultry farm is an ideal solution for achieving such a combination of goals.

Whilst other types of farming enterprises have been assessed during the consideration of this poultry farming business, it is clear that poultry businesses provide certain merits which uniquely set them apart as being more advantageous to answer such problems:

  • …the poultry farm will house layer birds which will require labour to tend all year round, providing stable labour for local residents,
  • …the business has innovative delivery methods in mind for conveniently reaching rural households making eggs accessible.



If production figures are met, this poultry farming business could achieve the following problems for the region:

3 thoughts on “Executive Summary for a Poultry Farm (Sample Business Plan)

  1. Hey there,
    I would like to have a business plan for both layers and broiler.
    Layers at 40 000.00 Capacity, and
    Broilers at 60 000.00 Capacity.

    May someone help me with that, please.

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