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(eCourse) Broiler Farming Bootcamp

Self-paced course
3 weeks delivery
20+ hours study

Learn the core broiler farm management disciplines and how to exercise ready control over them to maximise your profits.

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What you’ll learn…

  • Identify the key stages of the broiler farming process
  • Understand how each stage impacts the farm performance
  • Interpret the key rearing variables e.g. lighting and nutritional intake
  • Draft checklists for setting up and managing your broiler farm enterprise
  • Optimise flock performance with broiler farming best practices

What you get…

15x email tutorials

5x download documents

1x suite of calculators

1x quiz

1-to-1 feedback

Certificate of completion

Broiler Farming Bootcamp

Course description…

Learn how to set up and manage a successful broiler farm. Establish a firm handle on all the basics and key success factors – observing breeder best practice and reference official performance datasets.

Broiler farming is considered a brutal discipline. The very least miscalculation on any aspect of rearing can result in mortality or under par growth.

But staying on top of the controls keeps your venture running safely on time and budget.
A winning broiler farming approach will ensure:

  • FCR potential fulfilled
  • optimal liveability
  • maximum yield

Broiler Farming Bootcamp (Short Course Outline)

  • Part 1: Email Series
  • Part 2: Project Workbook (Web Form)
  • Part 3: Case Studies
  • Part 4: Spreadsheets & Templates
  • Part 4: Quiz
  • Part 5: Q&A & Community Forum
  • Completion Certificate
  • Thank you

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