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(eCourse) Poultry Flock Disease Management

Self-paced course
17 weeks delivery
25+ hours study

Learn the most common poultry diseases, their processes, features and preventions.

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What you’ll learn…

  • Identify the main disease threats to poultry farm businesses
  • Recognise the early tell tale signs leading to successful diagnosis
  • Perform root cause analysis to find the source of the problem
  • Amend operational practice to implement sound preventative measures
  • Know how to stave off threats before they overwhelm your flock

What you get…

51x email tutorials

1x suite of download documents

1x suite of calculators

1x quiz

1-to-1 feedback

Certificate of completion

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Course description…

Learn how to develop an iron clad disease prevention program for your poultry farm dealing with threats at source, rather than through medication.

Poultry diseases are known to decimate profits and cause operational collapse to broiler and layer enterprises.

Being on the front foot with disease prevention, recognition and containment is crucial to future success in poultry.

Sound biosecurity measures and disease management has been proven to:

  • drastically reduce risk of infection and outbreak
  • damage limitation in case of spike
  • nullify threats with speed, curbing losses quickly

Poultry Flock Disease Management (Short Course Outline)

  • Part 1: Email Series
  • Part 2: Project Workbook (Web Form)
  • Part 3: Case Studies
  • Part 4: Spreadsheets & Templates
  • Part 4: Quiz
  • Part 5: Q&A & Community Forum
  • Completion Certificate
  • Thank you

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