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(eCourse) Poultry Feed Formulation

Self-paced course
17 weeks delivery
25+ hours study

Learn how to formulate, produce, trial and transition your flocks onto a custom poultry feed blend

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What you’ll learn…

  • Identify the key biochemical building blocks of poultry feed
  • Understand the fundamentals of feed formulation and how to calculate
  • Know the main food categories and their complimentary balances
  • Map out age-related feed programs for optimal growth and performance
  • Source alternative ingredients ti achieve profit maximising potential

What you get…

51x email tutorials

2x download documents

1x suite of calculators

1x quiz

1-to-1 feedback

Certificate of completion

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Course description…

Learn how to develop the ideal feed mix for you flock with tried and tested livestock nutritional frameworks and models.

Poultry feed formula is a key input variable for assisting your flock reaching their genetic potential.

Keeping your birds well fuelled with the optimal feed recipe leads to a most efficient feed conversion and profit.

Better feed formulation has been proven to:

  • convert more readily into broiler weight gain and egg productivity
  • lower cost of sale
  • optimised poultry profits

Poultry Feed Formulation (Short Course Outline)

  • Part 1: Email Series
  • Part 2: Project Workbook (Web Form)
  • Part 3: Case Studies
  • Part 4: Spreadsheets & Templates
  • Part 4: Quiz
  • Part 5: Q&A & Community Forum
  • Completion Certificate
  • Thank you

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