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Fluorescent vs. incandescent bulbs: How much will your poultry farm save?

Learn how much money your poultry farm will save with fluorescent bulbs vs. incandescent bulbs.


T5 Fluorescent Tubes
Courtesy: RS Online

Fluorescent bulbs are known to be more energy efficient and generally more economical than incandescent bulbs.

And whilst it is feed cost that contributes the majority direct cost of sale, overheads (particularly) energy bills are still considerable.


For a poultry farm to maximise it’s profitability, owners must exercise prudence in cost control.

Overheads are notorious for eroding financial gains in business.

Even the smallest, most marginal lapse can extrapolate into great sums over years of trade.

That is, even something a seemingly insignificant as your choice of light bulb.

Cumulative hours of usage spread over production cycles and years of production can become colossal.

Being diligent in this area, like many others can collectively add noticable buoyancy to your budget.

Case Study: Fluorescent Bulbs vs. Incandescent – How Much Will Your Poultry Farm Save?

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Your current choice of incandescent light bulbs within your poultry houses has been a doubt in your mind for quite some time.

You are aware that fluorescent bulbs are much more economical.

Your rationale is,

“If it make’s sense for big business to save money through fluorescent lighting…then surely my poultry farm could save also…”

However, you’re not convinced on exactly ‘how much’ and whether it’s worth the short-term effort/cost replacing them.

So, you decide to perform a quick desk study to produce a reliable assessment to guide your decision.

Supporting Facts

  1. You run a broiler farm.
  2. You’re operating an All-In-All-Out rearing system, this means 7 rearing cycles in year, each lasting 6 weeks long.
  3. Throughout the rearing cycle, the broilers will approximately require 10 hours of artificial lighting per day.
  4. Your broiler house has 50 incandescent bulbs.

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