1 Bigha in UP (Uttar Pradesh): What Are The Equivalents?

“1 bigha in UP…what are the equivalents, please? A calculator would be great even. Thanks”

The questions needs some qualification, largely because of the diversity of Uttar Pradesh State.

Uttar Pradesh, officially the ‘most populous country subdivision in the world‘ has a variety of cultural Bigha land measurement interpretations…

District to district.

The following is a summary of the land measurement conversions for 1 Bigha in Uttar Pradesh (UP):

[A] 1 Bigha in the Western UP districts,

…is equivalent to…

  • 5 Biswas
    • 625 sq. m.
    • 6,750 sq. ft.
    • 771.60 sq. yd.

[B] 1 Bigha in Eastern UP districts,

…is equivalent to…

  • 20 Biswa Pakka
    • 3,025 sq. yd.
  • 10 Biswa Kaccha
    • 504.17 sq. ft.

[C] 1 Bigha in Other UP districts,

…is equivalent to…

  • 20 Biswas
    • 2,500 sq. m.
    • 3,086.40 sq. yd.
    • 26,909 sq. ft.
    • 5 hectares

But how do we make sense of all this Bigha talk for Uttar Pradesh?

We’re glad you asked…

Here’s our Uttar Pradesh Bigha calculator!…made for you calculation convenience.

References: Land Area Converter & CalculatorAsset Yogi

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