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(eCourse) Poultry Value Chain Leadership

Self-paced course
17 weeks delivery
25+ hours study

Learn the untold commercial value that your poultry value chain holds for your business.

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What you’ll learn…

  • Identify the participants in your poultry value chain & how they can help
  • Discover the leverage points that will open up partnership with participants
  • Get savvy on value exchange and discover ways of leading your market
  • Build the assets that will get you long term market influence
  • Learn why ‘value exchange’ has greater economic benefit than scale

What you get…

51x email tutorials

1x suite of download documents

1x suite of calculators and templates

1x quiz

1-to-1 feedback

Certificate of completion

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Course description…

Learn how to leverage the value that your fellow peers and competitors seek for commercial advantage and market leadership.

You poultry value chain needs support. It’s cost inputs are high, revenue output is low and whether buyer or supplier all margins get squeezed in the middle.

Let your poultry startup become a breath of fresh air, offering relief to all other participants (& competitors) in exchange for leadership advantage.

Poultry Value Chain Leadership reveals how to:

  • ‘read’ fellow poultry value chain participants for leverage points
  • choose partnerships that advance your business into the lead
  • avoid costly competition and embrace championship collaborations

Poultry Value Chain Leadership (Short Course Outline)

  • Part 1: Email Series
  • Part 2: Project Workbook (Web Form)
  • Part 3: Case Studies
  • Part 4: Spreadsheets & Templates
  • Part 4: Quiz
  • Part 5: Q&A & Community Forum
  • Completion Certificate
  • Thank you

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