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How To Calculate 6 Years Feed Consumption For Your Broiler Project

Here, we are going to estimate a 6-year project of broiler feed consumption.

In this form, the production model and batch size are already pre-populated from previous steps.

From this, the Reporter auto calculates a baseline feed consumption per broiler over the entire rearing cycle.

Then, the Reporter extrapolates this figure to account for the total number of broilers you estimate to produce per year, over a 6 year investment timeline.

The result is a table with annual broiler feed consumption in KGs and the related cost – calculated from an average cost per KG.

Here’s how it looks in practice – it takes 30 seconds to complete this step:

  1. Prerequisites of rearing system, batch size and expected mortality are already pre-populated.
  2. Automatically calculated are the estimated annual feed consumption expressed per bird as a baseline
  3. Beneath is a table of extrapolated broiler consumption per annum, accounting for batch size and model
  4. Next, input your expected cost per KG of broiler feed into the empty box
  5. Scroll down the page to the 3×2 table grid at the bottom which now has estimate cost of broiler feed per annum based on your metrics above

Next, let’s estimate your broiler meat production figures.

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