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How To Estimate 6 Years Broiler By-Products Yield For Your Broiler Project

Here, we are going to estimate a 6-year broiler by-product yield using Poultry Project Reporter software.

This is an ideal base line production calculator for estimating the sum of all those chicken products that would be sold in addition to the obvious carcass meat.

A very useful web app for anyone intending on including the sales of broiler by-products in their business model.

[N.B. In this form, the production model and batch size are already pre-populated from previous steps.]

From this, the Reporter auto calculates a baseline number of broiler produced per rearing cycle.

Then, the Reporter uses metrics detailed in leading research studies on broiler by-products to generate an estimated amount of by-product by KG in weight.

The result is a 6 year projection of estimated broiler by-prodcut yield, complete with sales revenue generated (assuming all by-product was sold at the same price per KG.)

All you need to do is discover the market buying prices for the by-product. The software takes care of all the rest.

Here’s how it looks in practice – it takes 2 minutes seconds to complete this step:

  1. Prerequisites of rearing system, batch size and expected mortality are already pre-populated.
  2. Automatically calculated are the estimated broiler by-product yield of your chosen production capacity and rearing model
  3. Beside are a tables of projected sales revenue, to compliment the expected by-product yield

Next, let’s estimate your broiler meat processing startup and ROI figures.

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