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How To Write A Broiler Farm Project Report Intro Letter

This is the stage where you write the intro letter for your broiler farm.

It’s a personal sales pitch to win the interest of your potential investor.

It should express your confidence in the idea and yet the prudent steps that you took to form it.

Use persuasion to bring the value proposition to light.

Here’s how I recommend putting it together using Poultry Project Reporter 2.0

  1. Type out your mission statement
  2. Type a highlight of your plan – a byline to remember
  3. Type an outline of the type of investment this is e.g. ownership etc.
  4. Type out some background to the project i.e. explain the journey to date
  5. Type out some key metrics that your investor can feed on
  6. Type out some key steps you’ve taken to prepare for the best outcome
  7. Type out what you are asking for materially and justify why you need it
  8. Type out a business close with time frames included
  9. Upload your farm logo
  10. Press the submit button
  11. Visit your email inbox and open up the email with your PDF attached
  12. View the PDF and download the letter for use

With all that done, now we choose the Table of Contents format.

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