Poultry Farming Business Plan: Introduction (With Examples)

Example Cover Page – Poultry Farm Business Plan

  • Name of poultry farm business
    • Example:
      • “Pristine Poultry Community Farm”
  • Company mission statement
    • Example:
      • “To take the lead in encouraging the regional community in Leyte, Philippines to embrace self-sustaining, good quality poultry farm production – for generations to come.”
  • Name of author
    • Example:
      • “Author: Joshua Santos, Owner – Pristine Poultry Community Farm”
  • Company address
    • Example:
      • “Company Address: 200, Javier MacArthur Rd, Leyte, Philippines”
  • Company email
    • Example:
      • “Email: j.santos@pristinepoultrycommunityfarm.ph”
  • Company website
    • Example:
      • “Web: www.pristinepoultrycommunityfarm.ph”
  • Company telephone number
    • Example:
      • “Tel: +63 100 000 9000”
  • Date of authorship
    • Example:
      • “10th February 2019”
  • Confidentiality
    • Example:
      • “The undersigned reader of Pristine Poultry Community Farm Business Plan hereby acknowledges that the information provided is completely confidential and therefore the reader agrees not to disclose anything found in the business plan without the express written consent of Joshua Santos.”

Example Acknowledgements – Poultry Farm Business Plan

“Without the consistent support of John it we would have really struggled to write this business plan.

John has always been very responsive in providing necessary information, and without his generous support, this plan would have lacked the substance it needed to succeed.”

  • With specialist business consultation from:
    • Presta Poultry Consultancy: John Rimona – Senior Partner, Manilla, Philippines.”

Table of Contents – Poultry Farming Business Plan

Poultry Farming Business Plan

  1. Covering Letter
  2. Owner CV/Resume
  3. Business Charter
  4. Business Case
  5. Feasibility Study
  6. Statement of Work
  7. Project Management Plan
  8. Risk Management Plan
  9. Scope Management Plan
  10. Exit Plan
  11. Market Research
  12. Operational Management Plan
  13. Production Management Plan
  14. Marketing & Sales Plan
  15. Financial Plan
  16. Project Report

Poultry Farming Covering Letter

“Welcome To Palatial Poultry Ltd.!

Dear Sirs, my name is Ravi Bindhar – founder and CEO of Palatial Poultry

On behalf of my supporting executive management team, I welcome you to read the following business proposal outlining our intention to start-up a new poultry farming business in Pune, India.

By this venture we plan to bridge the gap between the increasing need for an affordable source of quality dietary protein in the region and the frank lack of production capacity.

The establishment of this poultry farming enterprise is purposed to single-handedly solve the problem of under-subscribed nutritional resource for households, but also put Pune on the map for poultry farming excellence.

With the enclosed plan we hope to set up a market leading, semi-intensive poultry operation offering the kind of scale and expansion potential to achieve best-in-class status, nationwide.

Our hope is that the realisation of the economic objectives of this business will provide stimulus for the region prospering, and also on consistently increasing unemployment figures.

We welcome you to view our project’s business plan and consider your support of this poultry farming business.

With sincerity, I thank you in advance on behalf of all of us at Palatial Poultry Ltd. for your consideration of this proposal.

Your sincerely,

Raj Bindhar

Palatial Poultry Ltd.”

Example Poultry Farmer CV/Resume


“Experienced agricultural professional with expertise in tasks such as crop management and fertilisation, farm equipment maintenance and repair, and field cultivation.

Excellent ability to apply agricultural skills to practice and yield excellent results from work.

Prior experience farming in various capacities, including dairy farm, vegetable farm, and orchard settings.

Previous managerial responsibilities, supervising performance in agricultural tasks completed by other workers.

Successfully doubled yield for crops Y-o-Y while managing cereals farm and oversaw a 40 percent increase in profits from sales in livestock.”


“Agricultural Business Administration BSc. – Andhra University”


  • labour supervision
  • financial budgeting
  • procurement
  • animal growth
  • logistical planning
  • facilities management
  • machinery operation
  • training
  • culling livestock
  • biosecurity/sanitation
  • health and safety & risk assessment
  • managing and motivating a team
  • ventilation & heat management
  • feed management
  • vaccinations
  • production performance
  • record keeping


Aug 2015 – now: Farm Manager

  • Budget management for all livestock (poultry)
  • Procuring supplies (feed and chicks)
  • Data management & record keeping

Aug 2009 – 2015: Farm Supervisor

  • Staff oversight
  • Training & task delegation
  • Organising quality audit


Commercial Manager – Raj Varman [Sunset Farm]

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